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Joe Rankin

Chief of Police

Chief Rankin began his police career in April 1981 with the Gastonia City Police Department, where he was assigned to ďBĒ Shift. In addition to his regular duties at the department, he was selected for and was assigned to the police departmentís Honor Guard. He was a member of the Gaston County Chapter of The Fraternal Order of Police and was elected to the position of vice president of the organization.

In April 1984 he became a member of the North Carolina Highway Patrol and was assigned to the Highway Patrol Training Academy in Raleigh. In October 1984 he graduated from the Academy and was assigned to Wilkes County. During his career, he has successfully completed over 3600 training hours and, in 1991, obtained his Advanced Law Enforcement Certificate, the highest law enforcement certification offered by the North Carolina Criminal Justice Education and Training Standards Commission.

In 1989 he received his General Instructorís certificate and then his Specialized Driving Instructor certification. In addition to his regular patrol duties, he was chosen to be a driving instructor at the Highway Patrol Driverís Training Facility in Raleigh, where he eventually became the senior active driving instructor for the N.C. Highway Patrol. He was also selected as a member of the Highway Patrolís Members Assistance Team which is an elite team of law enforcement peers that responds to and provides assistance to officers and individuals who have been involved in critical incidents, such as line of duty deaths, officer involved shootings, serious and fatal motor vehicle collisions, suicides and any other catastrophic incidents. Chief Rankin was promoted to the position of Western State Coordinator for this team and was responsible for any critical incident that occurred in the western 50 counties of North Carolina. While assigned to this team, he worked with many local and state police organizations.

He was chosen and worked in New York with members of the New York Police Departmentís peer support team POPPA (Police Officers Providing Peer Assistance) on the occasion of the one year anniversary of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center.

At the request of the Blacksburg (Va.) Police Department, Chief Rankin, along with other team members were on scene within hours of the Virginia Tech massacre, working with the members of the Virginia Tech Police Department and the Blacksburg Police Department in an attempt to mitigate the effects that the horrific events had on their officers.

Chief Rankin is an adjunct Instructor at Wilkes Community College where he has taught Basic Law Enforcement Training to prospective police officers for years in such areas as Traffic Crash Investigation, Techniques of Traffic Law Enforcement, Motor Vehicle Law and Patrol Procedures.

Chief Rankin is a past three- term president of the Wilkes Law Enforcement Officers Association. He retired from the N.C. Highway Patrol in December of 2009 and became North Wilkesboro Chief of Police in April 2010.

Chief Rankin sits on the Board of Directors of NCLEAP (North Carolina Law Enforcement Assistance Program) and also the Millers Creek Fire Department.

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